Dave Ferree, Vice President

Dave is a lawyer who specializes in issues related to transportation law and rides his bike as much as he can. He has ridden RAGBRAI numerous times and for many years commuted by bike. He is convinced that if there were more bikes on the roads, the roads would be safer for bikes.

Marty Hupp, Pedal Off the Pounds Director

Marty Hupp lived in Alabama for a short time and was a regular at a local yoga class. Then a friend in the class introduced her to spinning and she loved it! When Marty returned to Iowa, she stumbled upon the informational meeting for Des Moines Cycle Club’s Pedal Off the Pounds program while searching for a new spin class to join. Marty had not been on a bicycle in 25 years and was a little intimidated, but signed up for it anyway. She found that Pedal Off the Pounds was the perfect place to find her way back into cycling and has been riding faithfully ever since. That was in 2013 and as she says, “It has changed my life”. So much so, that she is now the Pedal Off the Pounds leader, and is super excited to share the Pedal off the Pounds experience with others and watch new cyclists emerge from the group.

Rebecca Bishop, Secretary

DMCC Secretary since 2013, is a Paralegal at the Davis Brown Law Firm and was a participant in DMCC's first Pedal Off the Pounds program. She commutes to work as often as possible, and loves to participate in DMCC functions. She also enjoys many other outdoor activities, including gardening, mountain biking, hiking, camping, snowshoeing and skiing, which she does with her husband, Dan, who is a member of the DMCC Race Team.

Carolyn Marsh, Membership Director

Carolyn works as an HR Trainer at UnityPoint Health and is passionate about continuously learning and growing. She loves biking as well as many other activities. As a kid growing up on a farm in eastern Iowa, she loved riding her bike. Carolyn joined Pedal Off the Pounds in 2015 to get back into biking and get to know the trails around Des Moines. Now she has several bikes and enjoys riding with friends on the paved trails as well as off-road on her fat bike. With her love of biking, outgoing personality and organizational skills, she looks forward to serving as the Membership Director for the club starting in 2017.

Amy Pousson-Noonan, Treasurer

Amy relocated to the Des Moines area in 2014 to take a job as Senior Product Marketing Manager in John Deere's Intelligent Solutions Group. She and her husband John joined DMCC as a way to learn the local trails and meet new people. Amy has participated in POTP and BABRAI and enjoys spending time with all the friends she's made in the club. In addition to riding on the paved trails, Amy enjoys mountain biking, camping, reading, and working on cross-stitch projects. She's also a whiz at organization. If you want to know how to get 12 bikes, an SUV, and assorted other stuff in a small two car garage, she's your gal. Must be that engineering degree! Amy joins The DMCC board as treasurer in 2017 and is looking forward to giving back to help keep the club welcoming to newcomers, just like she was a couple of short years ago.

Mary Topf, DMCC Designer

Mary works as the print coordinator at Triplett Office Essentials. She enjoys using her graphic design skills and creativity to manage Triplett's printing department. When not out riding the trails, Mary enjoys volunteering for different organizations such as Junior League of Des Moines and The Girl Scouts where she is a leader for both of her daughter's troops. Mary joined the Des Moines Cycle Club's 2013 'Pedal Off the Pounds' program, and is proud to say that she lost 30 pounds! Mary and her two daughters; Christina, who is in junior high and Kathryn, who is in grade school, love getting out and riding as a family!

Forrest Ridgway, Board Member

You can say that Forrest Ridgway has been 'around' a while in the bicycling world. He has been in the bicycle business for over 40 years, he has ridden across the United States, he rode the PBP in France, he has ridden and worked the ride from Melbourne to Sydney Australia and has ridden and worked on all but two RAGBRAIs and he is also a Founding Board Member of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition! That just scratches the surface! Forrest loves Iowa and the Des Moines metro area and is thrilled to see it improve on an annual basis! Most importantly he has been married to his favorite cycling companion for over 32 years...his awesome wife Laura!

Phil Wever, Board Member

After relocating to the area for a new job. Phil constantly was asking his new coworkers, and anyone that would listen, "what's there too do here?" A lot of great suggestions were received, and one consistent one – "you gotta get a bike!"

I've got a bike, it's hanging up in a friends garage in suburban Chicago. Was usually his answer. The more thought he put into it, the more thoughts about bringing that bike to his new home would be a good idea. Before that happened, in July 2013 a "just going too go look" trip to the Urbandale Bike World, made a soon to be discovered big change in Phil's life. A shiny blue Trek Shift 3 hybrid was purchased. He thought "if I can put 500 miles on this bike before I turn 50 in December I'll have a great goal. So off he went, discovering what the areas trails had to offer with his friends and much younger and very patient coworkers. Much more quickly than he thought the odometer on the bike was approaching 100 miles, he thought "I should really get a photo of this - nobody is going too believe it." That was the start of him taking a photo when the odometer records another 100 miles, wherever that occurs. So if you see Phil alongside the trail he's probably not got a flat, but is just capturing another photo of a milestone. Feel free to jump in, 100 mile group selfies are becoming a thing!

Oh and if you're wondering about what happened to that old bike hanging up in the friends garage. After relocating to its new Iowa home and a little TLC (just like Phil) it's doing quite well, along the areas great bike trials. He hopes to see you out on the trails!

Shelly Jordan, Social Media Director

Shelly puts the fun in fundraising (she's a professional fundraiser) and she calls herself a newbie to biking, only getting serious in the past few years. She wonders why she stopped riding a bike as kid; "maybe I thought I was too cool when I was in high school." Shelly vows to make up for lost time now and pedals as often as she can, and is a past participant of Pedal Off the Pounds and RAGBRAI. Shelly is a lifelong learner, wannabe DJ and/or comedian. Her life goals include trying ice fishing, living a simple life, and making people smile and feel valued. Her favorite local trails include Great Western, High Trestle Trail and biking in downtown Des Moines.


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