Why ride with us?

  • We also love to ride!
  • Safe, fun atmosphere
  • Bi-Monthly rides (Check Ride Calendar)
  • RAGBRAI participants
  • Two Yearly Signature Rides
  • We're non-profit
  • All levels of experience
  • Impromptu rides via our Facebook Group Page

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If you don’t have your Des Moines Cycle Club Jersey yet, or want to add other pieces to complete your kit...NOW IS THE TIME!! We have reopened the store and are selling jerseys, shorts and bibs, arm warmers, and jackets!

Our apparel has been very popular...it’s very bright, and very unique. You’ll really stand out whenever you wear one of our jerseys or wind jacket! We will have a Fit Kit available at our general meeting on Monday February 13th plus a couple of other times yet to be announced. Watch this space and Facebook for those times and places.


We said we wouldn’t do it again, but THIS YEAR ONLY, we are offering the Women’s Sleeveless Jersey. So if you’ve ever wanted one, this is your only chance!

Ready to order? It’s easy!! If you’ve ordered online before, you simply Log into Primal Custom Pro. If not, then you’ll need to Create an account at Primal Custom Pro. The price of your order includes the shipping and handling and it will come directly to you.


Once the store closes, the order will go into production. We expect these to arrive April 21st.


(Sorry...I just had to do that corny little cliché)



Do you still have a bit of 'Holiday Cheer' hanging around your waist and thighs? Pants a bit tight? If you're like most of us, you do, and it ain't easy to get rid of! Your Des Moines Cycle Club is here to help! We offer two programs, that if you do the plan, that leftover 'cheer' will slide right off, and you'll become a lean, mean, cycling machine!


Pedal Off the Pounds

For you newbies and/or very out-of-shape or overweight peeps, we have the popular Pedal Off the Pounds program! This program is designed just for you! We start you off slow and easy. We teach you nutrition, bike etiquette, how to shift, how to change a tire and most of all…how to have FUN! You’ll be divided into teams (think Biggest Loser style)… each meeting you’ll learn, be inspired and yes, even face a few fun team challenges! Oh…and did we mention that there are PRIZES involved?!

Need more information? Come to our informational meeting on Thursday March 23rd at 6:00pm at the Urbandale Public Library. Registration will officially open the evening of March 23rd.

This program is open to the first 100 paid participants.

Once registration is closed, it’s closed. No exceptions.

Meetings are every Monday evening May through August.

Please do not register if you cannot commit to this schedule.

BABRAI Training

Already have cycling down, but just need some motivation and more miles under your butt? Then our ‘BABRAI Training’ program is what YOU need!

BABRAI = Big A** Bike Ride Across Iowa

We can’t say the actual name of that big bike ride across Iowa in July (copyright laws you know), but we CAN still help you TRAIN for it! Join dozens of other riders who want to get in shape and have fun! No, you don’t have to be going on ‘that big ride’…. ALL are welcome to join us – whether you’re training for any big ride or just want a lot of miles with friends! We promise, if you follow our program, you’ll have over 1500 miles under your tush by the end of July!

Don’t let that number intimidate you...We start you off easy, then gradually increase your miles. You’re going to LOVE this group!

BABRAI Training meets April through July every Wednesday evening, and either Saturday or Sunday on the weekends (you’ll be given a schedule). Registration opens Monday February 13th. Deadline to register to be assured of a (Way Cool) dri-fit shirt is Wednesday March 22nd.

We hope you’ll join us! Just grab a friend and DO IT!

Registration Now Open!
(**Note: Please join/renew your DMCC membership BEFORE registering for BABRAI! You must be a member to participate.)

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