A Special Letter to All the Tour the Raccoon Riders

June 13th, 2011

The following is a letter of thanks from DMCC Board member and former President, Danny Kruzic, who is the master mind and creator of the ride, Tour the Raccoon. He spends hours upon hours (on top of his already busy schedule) working on this once-a-year ride that is fun, a bit challenging and very family friendly. He pays attention to every detail, always looking for ways to inprove the next year’s ride.  So thank YOU, Danny for putting together such a great ride!  Can’t wait until next year!


All Tour the Raccoon riders,

I wanted to thank everyone for another successful Tour the Raccoon. The weather Saturday made the ride up a real treat, the ride back Sunday “not so much” but we’ve had tougher days. A total of 112 miles, and stiff headwinds both days (go figure) was a good challenge for any cyclist. The stretch between Adel and Waukee coming back Sunday was a real “mental test”.

The biggest change this year was overnighting at the new Trailhead Campground in Jefferson. The new location made the weekend even more enjoyable. The “all in one” showers and restrooms were an interesting design, and functioned very well. Plus the Jefferson staff kept them spotless all weekend. The “closer to town” location of the campsite made it so much easier for everyone to take advantage of the Bell Tower Festival. And just about everyone did. I highly recommend the campground to all cyclists, it makes a great weekend destination. I plan to go back very soon myself.


Although there are just too many people to thank, there are a few who without their help this ride wouldn’t happen. First is Carla and Chuck Offenburger who work very hard along with the Raccoon River Trail Association to coordinate everything in Jefferson and all of the towns along the ride. Next is Officer Cam who moves our bags to Jefferson and back. He’s been involved in all three rides and not only adds a lot of manpower, he is very helpful dealing with the public. Speaking of BikeWorld, thanks Forrest for your continued support. Nothing better than a sponsor who simply says “tell me what you need”. Thanks McFarland Clinic in Jefferson for a great breakfast to start our day. Lastly, thanks to Georgie, DMCC president for your help, support and encouragement and the rest of DMCC board of directors.

I look forward to seeing everyone next year for a bigger and even better Tour the Raccoon.


Tour the Raccoon…You Can STILL GO!!

June 9th, 2011

This coming weekend is Des Moines Cycle Club’s annual ride, ‘Tour the Raccoon’.  It will be our third year and we are so excited!

TTR Luggage 2009

This ride is unique in that you can start from anywhere.  You have the option to take your bags to Bike World West (who is providing our SAG support) any time during the week before the ride.  That gives you the option of getting up in the morning, hopping on your bike and head out right from your own front yard!  If you choose to bring your bags the morning of the ride, take them to Eason Elementary in Waukee and throw them on the truck and take off from there. 

The ride itself is a relatively flat, 55 mile ride from Waukee to Jefferson on the amazing Raccoon River Valley Trail.  It’s a beautiful, well maintained trail that provides an abundance of cool shade.  You’ll find all kinds of yummies in all the in between towns that will help ‘fuel’ your way to Jefferson.


Once in Jefferson you’ll be the very first to camp in the brand new campgrounds and shower in the new shower house!  Won’t you feel so special?!  Spend a little time resting at the campground and compare stories from your day with the other cyclists.

After setting up your tent and cooling off in a nice clean shower, you’ll be ready to head into town and join in on the fun at Jefferson’s famous, Bell Tower Festival!  You’ll find all kinds of food and fun.  Stay as late as you want then head back to camp and shoot the breeze with the other TTR Riders. 

TTRCampsite 2009

After waking from a refreshing nights sleep, the McFarland Clinic of Jefferson will provide (FREE of charge) a wonderful continental style breakfast for us!  We’ll fuel up our tummies then ready our bikes for our leisurely ride back to Waukee.

TTR McFarlandClinic 2009

Although it is too late to register online, we still want you to join us.  We’ll be registering riders Saturday morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  The weather is supposed to be great!  Grab a friend or two and come along with us!  What a perfect overnight ride to take your family on as well!  You’ll find all the details in the Rider’s Handbook on our site; www.DMCycleClub.com

Keep the Wind to Your Backside!

Tis the Season!

May 11th, 2011

Riding season is here!  Not that you can’t ride in any season you want, but not that many of us are that hard core….but it is here!  Finally!!


With a new cycling season comes a brand new, shiny Des Moines Cycle Club website and blog.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please take some time to check it out!  We’re so proud of it and it would not have been possible without our own techie guy, Brian Jaschen of B Graphix Design.  He does amazing work.  Check out his site…he does way more than websites!  He is one talented man!


A feature we particularly like is the Ride Calendarwhere we’ve posted upcoming rides and events you won’t want to miss.  Click on the ride you’re interested in, and all the information you need will pop up.  Check back often because you might see a few spur-of-the-moment rides here and there too.

On our site you’ll be able to link to our fabulous race team and keep tabs on them, see photos from past rides, renew your membership, link to our Twitter and Facebook page and of course read our blog, ‘Draftlines’.  You’ll want to subscribe to ‘Draftlines’ so you’ll be kept up to date on things going on within our club. 


One thing I want to be sure to point out to you…you simply MUST sign up for our signature ride, “Tour the Raccoon” coming up next month!  It’s an overnight, family friendly ride that is done 100% on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  We’ll leave from Waukee and ride all the way to Jefferson.  Don’t let the 55 miles scare you….you have all day to get there and you’ll find treats and fun times in all the little in-between towns.

Once in Jefferson, your bags will be waiting for you, (courtesy of BikeWorld) at the high school football field where you’ll pitch your tent and get showered.  After that’s done, the Bell Tower Festival will be in full swing in downtown Jefferson with more fun things to do there.

The next morning after a complimentary breakfast, we’ll head back to Waukee.  It’s fun, but also a great training ride for RAGBRAI!!  Oh!  And the best part….we’ve reduced the price!  We sincerely hope you’ll join us!

So that’s it for now.  I promise to make future blogs shorter, but I just had a lot to say this first time!  We want to hear from you.  We love compliments and need criticism (but please say it in a nice way).  So please leave us some comments!

Until the next time…Keep the wind to your backside!